Going Back to School

It doesn't matter how old you are, anyone can make a difference in their community. Our son, who just turned 5, started a school supply drive to help kids in need. Through ongoing conversations he began to understand that there are people in our community who need help. People who struggle, people who are trying to make ends meet, families who are in crisis and families who aren't able to put food on their own tables. We talked about how even a small contribution can make a big difference to families like these. We brainstormed ways that he could help to make a difference. So he decided that he would like to do a school supply drive. Recently, he had a birthday party where he asked friends to bring a school supply donation instead of a gift. Through the generosity of his peers and their families, he was able to collect a giant box of school supplies; everything from pencils, markers, notebooks, glue sticks, crayons, hand sanitizer, books, colored pencils, note cards, pencil boxes, binders and backpacks. The mission for my son was accomplished when we met with John Harper, the Executive Director of Student Services at the Madison Metropolitan School District to deliver the school supplies. We were able to pass the donation on to John who said that they would most definitely help families in our community. An important belief in our family comes from the book, Happy Money. Like the authors, Elizabeth Dunn & Michael Norton, we believe that even a small donation of time or money, can make a world of difference for someone else, that money actually can buy you happiness. Donations do not need to be on a grand scale, even $5 or ten minutes of your time can have such a positive impact in your own community.


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